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Display Set-Ups ? & intro

Hi…I guess I should have introduced myself sooner…

Karen Seymour-Ells
@Karenworks (working on getting a local provider)

Several painting/metalsmith degrees from Northern Illinois
University…Have been with Artmetal for some time but
eventually realized I could get a lot more bang for my
non-ferrous metal buck on Orchid.

I have seen alot of old friends from Artmetal here, greetings!

Now the question…I am thinking of changing my show emphasis
from jewelry to my first love, enameled wall pieces…less
competition as well as all that big color.

I have gotten info on walls from “Pro-Panels” and am looking for
professional looking walls for my booth…must be able to support
HEAVY METAL, as these tend to be…Thanks in advance for any

Good work,


Hi Karen,

It’s good to finally have you on the Orchid list! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is within your budgetary constraints, but
you might want to contact a company that does trade show
displays. Definitely more expensive than something you would
build yourself, but it will probably be more snazzy (good
looking) and should be designed to support the weight. At a
minimum, they might give you some good ideas…

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC