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Display ideas for eclectic home art show

Hi All, I’m doing my first show next month. It is my first art show
showing my jewelry, although I’ve done it in the past showing my
paintings. I will have sterling enamel pieces and patina brass with
vintage rhinestones pieces. I have necklaces, bangles, cuff
bracelets, pins and earrings. Since I’m just starting out, I don’t
have money to invest in a display case. This is a big art show in
Atlanta, at a historic Victorian home. Inside is a mix of
Victorian, folk art and modern. The whole home is set up with art
for a long weekend. The lady who hosts the show uses some of her
furniture for display, like tables, etc. The jewelers in the show
already, either have custom cases, or display on typical fixtures.
I’m trying to think of something unusual and unique that would fit
with the decor of the home, and make my pieces stand out. They
don’t have to all be displayed together, the sterling could be
separate from the brass. Also, I will not be at the display, but
there is someone watching the room where it will be displayed. So,
it would be okay not to have the display enclosed. Can anyone think
of anything they’ve seen in the past that might work? I’m really
thinking of something unique like tree branches, etc. Thanks so


   I'm trying to think of something unusual and unique that would
fit with the decor of the home, and make my pieces stand out. 

Hi Wyanne, How about something a little unconventional, using objects
that are taken for granted, but are plain and simple enough to let
your jewellery stand out. For example; Finding containers, they
could be antique / second hand wooden boxes, for example, and
display the pieces in the box with the lid open…

How about hanging/ suspending the pieces in victorian-esque wooden
frames, and then attaching the frames to poles that sit on the
ground, or hang the frames from the ceiling. so what you end up with
are a collection of frames, hovering at different heights in a
space, displaying your work? This means you can in a way, 'curate’
your collection of work in to groups, to sit together in frames.
Actually, instead of ordinary frames, you could use deep box frames
which would have the jewellery mounted in.

Rebecca Gouldson

Wyanne, Try looking in junk shops for glass cheese domes – or better
yet, cake domes – to cover your jewellery when on display. Colleen