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Hello everyone,
I’m a Colorado designer and metalsmith. I’ve been making various kinds of jewelry since I was a teenager and finally started doing it as a full-time career a few years ago.

I just got into my first juried show up in Evergreen and am trying to take my display to the next level.
I am looking for those frameless glass tabletop display cases I keep seeing other artist using, but can’t find them.

I have asked some other artists that I follow on Instagram, but just get crickets. I’m not sure if they are not seeing my question or if this a gatekeeper situation.

Has anyone else run into this problem? And where do people get those dang cases?

I am following this discussion too. I just got into the MacKenzie - Child Artisan Show for the second year. My display last was awful and I need to get it higher to be seen easier in a dark setting. It will again be a very big tent with no electricity or lights. I also need to spread things out a bit and show less, but have backup as it sells. The shelves mentioned by the OP are one of my thoughts as well. Good luck Heidi. I hope that you get lots of advice that I can share along with you…Rob

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They have these pvc pipe lifts for your table at Amazon or you can make them. It brings everything up a good foot or so.

I used to do a lot of craft fairs. When I did, I used abstracta displays. It’s kind of pricey, but it’s super adaptable to multiple multiple configurations. It can definitely create the kind of displays that you’re talking about. Part of why I used abstracta was because so many others used it too.

Here’s their website: https://www.abstracta.com

Hope that helps!



Thanks! I have already done that with my table…Rob

Is this what you are looking for?..Rob

Hi Rob,

would some sort of battery powered led strip lights work to increase lighting…?

like these?



No, what I’m looking for is, it would seem, far more simple.
Here is a pic…

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Those are very cool! I’m afraid they will have to go on that ‘someday’ list right between the giant Durston bench and electric rolling mill. sigh

Julie…Thanks for the link. I have planned on adding some sort of LED lighting to my display. It will mean that I have to buy a larger power bank…Rob

I’ve got friend who has that system. Let me reach out to her and see where she got her displays. It might take a few days though. She’s generally busy.



Sorry! I heard back from my friend after sending her your image. She wrote back and said that she uses Abstracta.

I know that I’ve seen those displays elsewhere as well, but I can’t remember where? Also I’ve Googled everything that I can think of to find them with no success.

I said that Abstracta is expensive, but that’s if you buy a lot of it, to create multiple tables & bookcase-like units. If you just want to make a few cubes or rectangles to put on your own folding tables (or whatever), it’s actually pretty reasonable. You can get pre-cut plexiglass at Home Depot or other locations. Using plexiglass will not only cost less cash, it’s also not as breakable or as heavy as glass. The big negative with plexiglass is that scratches.

Like I said, there’s a reason that so many craft fair and trade show folks use Abstracta. It’s definitely, portable, versatile and efficient.

Sorry that I couldn’t find what you were looking for!


I did find the page for Abstracta in case you are looking for it. They are a bit pricey.

I think I saw a locked case on Amazon. Maybe search for locked lighted jewelry case.

Hope this is helpful.

Heidi et al
Here is where I bought my cases which can be broken down and packed up and then reassembled.

You will want to look at their countertop display cases.

They don’t have everything featured online so refer to the picture. What you want is the rectangular shaped, locking case. Email me directly if more help is required. Info@ellenlyonsjewelry.com.
Ellen Lyons

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