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Display cases

Hi Guys, I am looking for inexpensive travel display cases. The ones
with the clear glass or acrylic tops. I have only found one on line,
but need several sources to check out. I can’t remember who I got the
last one’s from. Could someone lead me to a good supplier of display
cases? Roxan in Pa.


I bought two Colorado cases and haolgen light strips last year and
have been very happy with them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have their phone number at hand.


The most inexpensive travel display cases can be made by backing
acrylic box type picture frames with plywood or foam core, and hinging
one side. The bottom can be padded and covered with velvet or
whatever. I’ve made flannel slip cases to fit them, to keep the
acrylic surface from marring during travel.

Janet Kofoed

Hi Roxan:

Kassoy has some fairly inexpensive cases, like suitcases with glass
top and sides. The lid can be propped open at an angle and
triangular side panels clip in with a sliding back glass, lockable.
I think the cases are under $100, and additional for the side
panel/back panel unit. All told, under $200 each. Go to their web
site and request a catalog. They’re a good
company for a lot of tools and equipment for the jewelry trade.

David L. Huffman

Do you know the name of the company? We were considering the eleven
inch knock down cases from Allstate. Thanks Michele Cooling