Display case for gallery

I need to supply a countertop case to display about 20 or more items
of my jewerly.It needs to be an 18" square or smaller perhaps with
shelving they say. The gallery that would like to carry my things
told me to supply the case. So far I’ve surfed the net and found
they cost around $300 and up and they aren’t even the right size.
This does not make me happy! :frowning: Any ideas? Annette

There is this site, but I have had great luck searching thrift shops
and second hand stores. I’ve found display cases and antique jewelry
boxes from $4-$20. I also look for store equipment liquidators.

Good Luck

there are companies that specialize in reclaiming retail store
fixtures from shopping malls. the larger ones will have a good
variety and 100’s of feet of jewellery display cases. If the one
you visit has lots of inventory Don’t be afraid to negotiate on
price. Also, buy one that has lighting. The glass top can be replaced
by your local glass shop if badly scratched