Dishwashing soap caused rusty tumbler shot

Dear Orchid friends

I have used my stainless steel shot in a vibratory tumbler with
sudsy ammonia to polish my sterling jewelry for 3 years. I ran out of
sudsy ammonia awhile back so I decided to try Dawn dishwashing soap.
I have heard this suggested a few times before. So, I ended up with a
rusty sludge in my tumbler after 2 uses. Does this mean that my
stainless steel shot is actually not stainless steel? does this mean
that the Dawn did some kind of a number on my shot?

If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows of a
good lubricant to use while polishing I also would appreciate knowing
that. ANY advice would be appreciated.

I have cleaned the shot and an using it with Dawn again right now.
We shall wee what happens this time.

Jean Menden