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Disappointed with Edinburgh Etch


In addition to the advice Alma gave you, the quality of your etch
may be degraded by the rather high temperature of your garage.
Eighty- five degrees versus, say, 75 degrees is a considerable
difference on the etching curve. You may want to keep a log showing
time, temperature and other variables if you plan on doing a lot of

Unfortunately, lowering the temperature will make the etch take even
longer. You could try an aquarium pump to aerate the solution
directly instead of the indirect vibration method.

John Walbaum

You had your image facing up? That’s a good part of the problem.
Have your image facing down so that the copper particles precipitate
down to the bottom of your container and you should have much better
luck. I usually get a very deep etch in 1-2 hours. I check my
etching every 15 minutes because I have actually etched through 18ga
brass in the past by assuming a 2 hour timeframe for the etchant to
work. Oops!!!

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)