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Disability insurance

I am jumping in a little late on this thread and haven’t
followed all of it, so forgive me if I repeat other
contributors, but …

several years ago I looked into “disability insurance” as a
self-employed person. The rates were high, and it turned out that
all you were getting was a monthly paymemt equal to 50 to 67% of
your monthly income AFTER six months of disability, such payment
lasting only for two years or until SSDI ( Social Security
Disabilty Insurance) kicked in. And, as a psychologist who sees
chronic pain/depressed patients with such disability insurance,
I can tell you that the company is forever demanding reports on
my patients with a view towards denying them the payments they
are getting. So look at what you are getting for your premium
and, if the policy only covers two years or so, think about
putting some money by for the two years of wages instead.
Difficult to save that much, but the savings are good for
disabilty, retirement, or whatever.

Roy (Jess)
it’s a little cold here in Tennesee, but spring will be here soon, gert out
your cold frame and plant some mache.