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Dirty hands but no clean consience

Hello All;

Recently, I posted a rather vitriolic diatribe directed at one of
our members over a simple remark. I would like to publicly
apologize for such bad taste. The simple stimulus of my response
was over the phrase, “just a worker bee who makes the stuff”. I’m
certain that it was not meant in the spirit that I took it, and I’m
gratified that the person who wrote it made it known to me what they
felt about it, rather than suffering it in quiet, good graces. But
I beg the patient forgiveness of Orchid’s community and will use
more tack in the future. I am, finally, just a worker bee. My
hands look like hell. But they also have, I think, a certain
dignity to them. Some people get the shame they deserve (CEO’s who
need to spend time behind bars), However, there are those who’s work
leaves them worn and soiled and there’s little they can do about it.
I hope we can remember, you can’t always judge a book by it’s
cover. Even the “sharply dressed” can be quite nice. Mea culpa.

David L. Huffman

I think I missed the referenced messages, but whatever transpired,
obviously you rethought your position. I say it takes a big person
to admit they over reacted or made an incorrect interpretation, so
thanks for stepping forward. It’s nice to know we are all human out
there in orchid land and even the best of us trips up sometimes.
Your apology is accepted by me and I’m sure the rest of orchid land
will also accept it.