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Dirty earrings

All I can say is I hope you folks have eaten first before reading
this posting! I’m warning you…:slight_smile:

A client came to me to remake her screw back earrings to another
style. She told me that she hasn’t taken them off for “years”. Good
grief, I thought. She tried to remove them, but to her and my horror
the actual screw-back got embedded into her skin of her ear lobe. In
actual fact the ear lobe grew over the gold backing, she asked me to
help to get it out, I totally refused for hygienic reasons and asked
her husband to assist her. I then immediately put them into a plastic
envelope till I met my jeweller. I tried to clean them out at his
office but still they were having remnants of skin in them! I left
them in a hot soni-cleaner and steamed them till 100% clean. YUK! She
came back last night and had the same problem with another earring
style still not being removed for years, as she told me. She again
asked me to help her to view them. I refused to even touch her ear,
outright! I explained to her to remove them once a month and to have
better cleaning habits, “OH WHY?” was her answer. OMG, I told her
husband that this is better for her ear lobe to be clean and to
prevent infections…I have a short attention span with people like
this…I told you all that this was a “disgusting posting”?

Anything happen to you folks who own jewellery stores???

Gerry !

A client came to me to remake her screw back earrings to another
style. She told me that she hasn't taken them off for "years".
Good grief 

There is an old custom in Russia, which came from Byzantine Empire.
The engagement jewellery was not a diamond ring, but a pair of pearl
earrings. A bride would wear these earrings for 6 months, and the
groom would only proceed with the wedding, if pearls would not
change it’s appearance. The above story underlines the wisdom of this

Leonid Surpin

i have a single 18k small circle in my ear…never comes out, gets
cleaned when i shower…

no problems here.

Gerry - Funny Funny…and yes yuck…but not too uncommon. I
still work as an RN one day per week (wish I could be a jeweler
fulltime -almost there) and I work for a surgeon. We see people about
once per month who have earring backs completely covered by skin in
the back of their earlobe. We have to numb it up and cut the earring
back out. Unbelievable, but true…lots of times it is small
children whos parents are not caring for their little little kids
(1-5 years old) piercing. For this reason my daughter is 8 and still
does not have her ears pierced… We joke in surgery…the problem
with piercings these days… could it be…the puss? Gross…:slight_smile:


At least you’re not the poor bugger who unwittingly pulls out the
filth-encrusted earrings from the packet without warning, as happened
to me not half an hour ago!

Just the other day one of the poor women who work the shop floor had
a customer trying on rings. They got stuck on her finger so she’d
stick them in her mouth, pull them off and hand them back. Lovely!

I’ve worn the same stud earrings for years! Of course I washed my
ears when I showered and often twirled them to keep the hole from
closing around them. It’s not how long you wear them, it’s how you
treat them.


Laura- I worked for a guy who hated folks slobbering all over their
rings to get them off and then handing them to him. One day a lady
came in asked him to clean her ring. So she did the usual slobber all
over the ring to get it off, he politely took it, polished and
cleaned it. Then just as he was handing it back to her he said, “Oh,
here, Let me help.” He slobbered all over it and gave it back to her.

I thought that I was gonna wet my pants.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

I think the lady that LICKS the ring, BUYS the ring.
And to richardsan… yet.