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Direct rasin tee making for casting

Can anyone share how to make a direct rasin tree for casting with support

Can you elaborate please? I’m not sure what you’re asking about or what it is that you are trying to accomplish.


Want to know when we make tree with direct rasin for casting in gold
How to we make tree for direct rasin
There is a support we have to give in the tree for successful casting in gold
Which helps us to blow in 650 degree and the hash is removed

Hello Priti,
Your question is really confusing, as mentioned by Mr. Phelps one cannot
make out the jest of the question. do you work with Platinum ? as mentioned
next to your company(I presume) name.And you plan to cast Gold pieces
directly from resin ? and to remove the Ash (hash) you need some help as to
how? right?.And also your flask temperature is 650 degrees ? and you want
to blow in compressed air to remove the Ash presumed left behind ?
Well it will all depend on the type of resin and the burn out cycle
suggested by your resin parts supplier or in case you do print yours the
machine supplier.
Hope the above is what you were proposing to ask.this is as per my
Khushroo H.Kotwal

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