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Dioptase or Diopside? & Introduction

Hi Everyone I have been enjoying the banter as well as the wonderful
from this group, and though I have already commented
once, thought I really should introduce myself. I am a silver
jewellery artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am also an avid
Rockhound and a Lapidarist (I cut cabachons out of some of the
material I collect). I sell both the jewellery I create, and rocks
and crystals at various shows locally. Due to my selling of rocks
and teaching same at the schools (mainly grade 3), Scouts, etc. I
have been nicknamed ‘the Rocklady’, hence my email address

I am familiar with most of the gemstones and many of the crystals
used. I am enjoying much of the on treatments of
as I don’t think anyone can know it all, there is so

As to the question by Dave Sebaste: “I have a mineral specimen and
I’m not sure whether it is Chrome Diopside or Chrome Dioptase. They
are bright “emerald green” druzy” I did take a look and saw a
beautiful specimen of Dioptase which just happens to be one of my
favorites. I also double checked in my minerology books and found
that Diopside is quite different. I hope this is useful to you. Karen
Seidel-Bahr the Rocklady May your Gems always “Sparkle”