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Dino lite imaging system

I was thinking of getting an imaging system to document repairs,
print the picture and place it on the back of the job envelopes
along with a break down of the pricing for my accounts. I have a
couple of questions before i buy and was wondering if anyone else
does this to.

#1 What is the difference between the dino lite system and some of
the much cheaper versions out there, is it the quality of the image
or the software options?

#2 Is it possible to complete any bench work under the system,
(working distance)

any info would be greatly appreciated.

thanks Guy

I have this system and I love it! The magnification capabilities are
great and I think you could work under it if needed. It also has a
short video capability. I use it to document my custom jobs and
store them on my computer. Make sure you get the stand so the camera
can be mounted. It make it easier to focus in. Good luck! Steve Cowan
Arista Designs

You would not believe the detail you can see with this thing. Maybe
even more detail than you want or need. It shows small scratches on
coins. Small ones.


Contact Wayne Emery here on orchid

fantastic system, I use it everyday for diamond cutting pictures,

Roger D. Flanders
Diamond Cutter

Our own Wayne Emery, here on Ganoksin sells them

David Geller