Dinner knife blade replacement?

Greetings, I am looking for replacement blades for a set of 1800’s
French Dinner knives. The curent blades have ben pitted with rust
and my client wants them replaced. Does anyone know of a supply or
manufacturer for these items I need 24 blades. The entire set of
silverware is huge.

James McMurray

yes, try here, very trusted people

Rick in KC


Contact Jeffery Herman at the Society of American Silversmiths

their website is at http://www.silversmithing.com/ If anyone will
know where to get the knife blades it is Jeff.


HI! Yes, my Lunt did that, who is the manufacturer? I sent mine back
and they replaced it, usually the old knives had sterling blades,
but obviously those are not. If at all possible have the customer
contact the manufacturer if possible. The hollow part was usually
packed with a plaster of Paris which is why you should never soak,
old silver knives over nite or even a few hours. It would be very
difficult to replace the blades yourself. If you can’t get it done
by the manufacturer (long gone), try buying a new set of knives with
stainless steel and plastic handles which you can melt or remove
somehow. Remove the old blades and reset the new ones into the old
handles with plaster of paris and crimp tightly all around. The
customer will have to hand wash them and never soak under any
conditions. Possibly you could seal them with epoxy. Good luck.
But contact some other manufacturer or a silver restoration
business. They can probably do it better and cheaper. Mostly the
shape of the blade will not be of the old style, so there is that to
consider also. Pat DIACCA Topp

Hi James,

If you don’t receive any definitive answers to your inquiry, you
might want to check with Jeff Herman, who runs the Society of
American Silversmiths. He (and the society) probably have a number of
resources that will be of value to you in this project.

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hi James: Sorry for the late reply. My company can replace your knife
blades with new stainless steel ones. Turn around time 1-2 weeks. We
have all styles in stock. Our web site with all is

Thank you

  • raymond