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Dilling glass

What type of bit is good to drill through glass? Where can I get the
bits? How long should it take to drill through a bottle thickness of
glass? What speed should I drill it at? Any thoughts on how to stop
the drill from “running around” the glass and scratching it?

Diamond,and sintered(Diamonds all the way through the bit) as opposed
to plated will stop the “running” problem.You also will reduce your
"running" and “popping” out on the opposite end by drilling small
starter holes on either side.Crystalite is a good source for the
bits,or any dental supply.Drilling speed should be a minute or two,and
you should use the highest speed you can and still keep lubricant in
the hole.Oil is best,but you can use water.Just remember drilling
stone is a pumping process,not just push.You pump,than withdraw enough
to allow the lubricant back in the hole,then pump again. Mark Liccini