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Digital Wax Injector Not Heating?

I’m looking for input on whether my new Dura-Bull digital wax injector is working properly, specifically it doesn’t seem to be melting the wax at the temperatures I would expect?

I’m using this wax injector which is brand new, first time I’ve ever used it.

I’m using fresh Freeman Ruby Red injection wax flakes which have a stated injection temperature of 160 degrees F.

I filled the pot about 1/3 full for the initial melt with plans to add more wax to fill the pot when the initial amount was liquid (read somewhere that can help speed the wax melting). Programmed the pot for 160 degrees F and turned it on.

Pot steadily got up to 160 degrees (according to digital readout on the injector) within an hour or two, but at that temp the wax was mushy but not remotely melted. Five hours later at a continuous 160 degrees my wax looked like this:

I’ve now tried setting it at 165 degrees F (no observable difference) and 170 degree F (a bit more liquid at the edges but still slushy in the middle) and have tried each temp for at least three hours before raising the temp.

Does this mean my wax injector’s digital read out is faulty? Reading higher than the actual temperature in the pot?

How liquid should I expect the melted wax to look at injection-appropriate temperatures?

Am I doing something wrong?

Any input would be most appreciated! There’s very litter nitty-gritty info on wax injectors online for those like me who are trying to teach themselves :confused:

Thanks in advance!

before thinking you are wrong - why not fill the melter pot with water and test with a candy thermometer? If the water reads the same as the setting, then you know it is the wax.

Two things. One did you have the lid on the pot while heating? Second to do an initial melt you might have to raise the temp of the pot. Try 170 or 175 degrees until fully melted then turn back to 160. Leaving the lid off can leave the pot with a lower temp than 160. Melting temp is different from keeping it in a liquid state. Experiment and see where the sewer temp spot is for your injector.

Better use oil, it wont evaporate.

Darn, I just wish I’d thought of that before I melted wax in the pot! I’m loathe to empty the wax and clean it all out at this point (it sounds like a messy job) but I may use the candy thermometer idea just to double check the temp of the wax I have melted in there… Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

I did have the lid on the pot (just removed to check periodically) and I definitely think you’re right about the higher initial heat required.

I turned the pot right up to 180F and the wax did melt much better, and I was even able to inject it into some molds I have.

Now I’m experimenting with how much I can reduce the temperature back towards the recommended 160F and keep the wax molten and injectable. Guess I was just being too timid about giving the wax the heat it needed to melt! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: