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Digital Scale and USB Microscope Recommendations?

I’m looking for a reasonably priced digital scale that will serve
double duty as a jewelry wax scale and a postal scale to weigh the
small containers ( t.w. less than 2 oz. ) that I use to send out CNC
wax prototypes.

A week or so ago, we had a discussion on the use of USB microscope
cameras. I found this one online:

<ebay link removed. sorry no emay links on orchid!>

*There’s a video showing the fine detail that it can capture on the
surface of a coin.

I’d like to use it to get a close up view of my CNC mill while I’m
positioning the cutting tool to do three sided milling jobs,

Hopefully it would be safer and more comfortable and as least as
accurate as sticking my face up close to a moving spindle so I can
a loupe!

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations regarding these two


Jesse Kaufman


I can’t speak to your need for a digital microscope. There are a lot
of compact digital scales on Ebay, however. I have one with a 100ct
capacity and on with a 200dwt capacity. I think that I only paid $35
including shipping between them. Obviously at these prices, they are
almost disposable, but they are serving my purposes well.

Try these guys, they have scales that will display any value plus do
counting, handy during inventory and it is selectable as far as
price range.

You did not say if you need NBS traceability, they may have scales
that meet that also.


Bruce and Terry, thanks for your reply. I did notice a lot of
inexpensive digital scales online, but I guess I’m looking for a
higher quality scale that has an adequate size tray for larger items,
such as shipping boxes, yet will still be accurate in grams in the
lower range of digits Perhaps it’s easier to get two scales.

The USB microscope camera I mentioned has an image sensor rated at
1.3 Mega pixels and has a still image capture of 1280x 960 and it
comes with a nice little stand. So it seems like it would do the job
of magnifying a close up view of a CNC cutting tool. I’m sorry if I
was out of bounds in terms of posting a link to eBay, yesterday.
Since there have been posts with links to commercial sites selling
similar products, I was not aware that eBay in particular, is off


sci-plus sells both items- though I recommend their digital eyyepiece
but don’t recommend the microscopes based solely on prices…they are
far cheaper on Ebay but as far as quality- you can get a steroscope
for around 350 (or so)…and it’s Russian or Belgian surplus equipment
that is guaranteed minimally… The digital USB photography add-on is
well worth the money if you are sending designs to fabricators out of
your area, or negotiating designs, selling stones, etc. and
high-quality images are necessary…try them anyway if not only as
comparisson shopping- American Scientific and Surplus: