Digital Pics of Jewelry

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for the best
digital camera for photographing jewelry. I recently purchased a
Casio QV500SX, but even with the 4X zoom, I can’t seem to get the
crisp focus and accurate color I’m looking for. Those of you out
there who get such gorgeous pics of loose colored gems… how do
you do it? 35mm and scanner or what?

Thanks for your help & happy holidays!

Shari VanderWerf
Vanguard Studio, Massachusetts

About the digital camera, well, I’ve been searcing for a while
too and the best I found so far is the new Sony Digital Still
Camera MVC-FD91, you can have a look at it in the sony page on
the net ( ) it’s about us$1099 and the
reports are good. Good Luck and let me know what you think of it.

Iris Saar Isaacs, Australia.

Shari, Try the Nikon Coolpix 900s. I just got one and have been
very pleased with its ability to do macro work and the color and
sharpness are great also. They are selling for as low as $650
now ( I bought mine two weeks ago for $795 sigh :frowning: ) They are the
best digital camera for jewelry in the under $3000 range.


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Hi everybody, about pictures of jewelry for the internet. Digital
Vs. 35mm film. Film is the best capture medium as of today.
Digital cameras do not have the resolution, detail is lost at
each end of the visual range. ok for the very best results use
35 mm slide film. take the film to a service bureau have them
scan the slides to a CD then input the CD images into photo shop.
Then do your editing. that’s if you want quality. There is a lot
of other to consider, and I tried to keep it really simple. for
more info on jewelry photos , just shoot me an e-mail.

We use a Sony Mavica (be sure to obtain the latest model!) to
sell on the Internet - you can see examples under our
art-artifact listings on eBay, we have a lot of silver jewelry
items up just now - the Mavica takes excellent close-up shots
even when light isn’t perfect; it’s easy to use and accommodates
a standard disc, which allows for direct processing of jpgs in
Photostudio (or whatever other digital processing program you
have…) Be sure to get the latest Mavica, however, because the
older versions result in a less clear (and darker) photograph
when all conditions for photographing are similar.

Seattle Film Works will develope your film and send you digital
files on a floppy disk as well as prints or slides. They are
very inexpensive. You can also download your pictures on line if
you’re in a rush. So use your regular 35mm camera and get slides
and digital files the easy way!

Tom Kruskal

Hi, there are several things to consider with a digital camera,
epson 700 overall is one of the best for the money , you can find
it discounted at $499.00 plus the ac/adapter and extra memory
card, if you don’t buy a memory card on a lot of these digital
cameras, you are only able to take 5-10 pics at the high
resolution that they boast about and that would be very time
consuming to keep taking so few pics and uploading. I have used
the epson 500 for a couple of years but did not have high enough
resolution to do diamonds with the new one it should cover it.
Sincerely chris
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I have been looking into the Hp camera for 589. that does 1280
by 1000 I think is what it was…seemed like a good
camera…Anyone got any info on it…I don’t have the model but it
is the one that you hook up and run there scanner and there pic
printer to.
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Hello Shari:

I use a 8mm sharp viewcam video camera, $600.00. With the 4"
screen I can see exactly what I’m taking. Zoomed completely out
to infinity, the camera can be put right up to the item like a
Macro. I video tape from various angles and lighting for about 2
minutes each piece. I then use my computer and a $60.00 device
called “AIGOTHCHA 2”. I hook my camera into this video capturing
device and then can capture as many images as I need. The
software that came with the device even allows me to make AVI’s.

I must say that my pictures look pretty good for the price and
setup is a snap. If you would like to see some images made this
way you are welcomed to visit my web page at

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA