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Digital jewelry photographer


We need to hire a digital photographer - to shoot our work very
simply against white. Does anyone have any suggestions? One place we
called wanted $3,000 for 10 simple shots! Hello!


Dede, Do it yourself. If you only want “our work very simply against
white,” it is not difficult. There have been a bunch of threads her
on Orchid about doing your own. I also have archived a bunch of info.
and I’ll be glad to share. Also, I have just set up my own very
professional photo box., and if you’re anywhere near Los Angeles, I
can do it for you for MUCH less than $300 per shot !

Really FINE jewelry photography is quite difficult and
time-consuming, but what you’re describing is not.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Dede, contact Robert Diamante, He does
all of my photography including the digital images for my website.
His pricing is reasonable and his work is wonderful.

Regards, Jayne Redman

Dede, Seems to me you could get a good digital camera, a cloud dome
and a light or two for a whole lot less than $3,000 and take your own
pics now and for years to come, couldn’t you?

Jerry in Kodiak


Would you like to try out the dome and a digital Camera?

We do sell the dome & can let you try our Camera.

If yu are in New York City & want to see how a digital setup may
work for you then make an appointment bring a couple of your pieces
& try them under a dome with out NiKon Coolpix 4500.

Regards Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply
46 W 46 St, NY NY 10036