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Digital images

For those wishing to use digital images from 35 mm…Kodak sells
an inexpensive software program to resize and reformat images. It
is not an image processor software ($ 30.00 US). Images can be
scanned to CD’s (one hundred +/- per disc), or floppies (very few
per disk).

These can then be loaded into a good image processing program and
then to your webpages after you are satisfied with the results.
Anyone interested in the Kodak software can contact me via email.

Remember…images use lots of memory and the bigger the image on
the screen the slower it loads. So to maximize your websites speed
use small images ( I like about 30 to 40 pixels L x H), and hotspot
these to connect to a larger image if someone is interested in more
detail. People will not wait long on preliminary inspections of a
site…if its slow…they go elsewhere without inspecting all your