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Digital images floating

Hi, I find that if I wait for a cloudy day this natural diffuse light
is amazing.

Doing one set up and then just changing the pieces allows me to
photograph lots of images with very little refocusing as well.

using a grey felt back ground with the diffuse lighting will give the
effect of floating images… experiment with other colors and
textures for awesome effects.

All the best in all things,


Probably the most simple way of making ‘floating’ images of small
objects like jewellery is to get a piece of spotless and flawless
window glass about 2 feet square. Rest this horizontally by the edges
on two piles of books the same height, between 2 - 4 inches above the
table, and put your favourite light background beneath it - but
nothing ‘fussy’, mind. Place the object on the centre of the glass and
light it with a little more light on one side than the other to
provide ‘modelling’ (3D effect) and photograph using a camera with a
zoom. You should to set the lights up so that there is a shadow cast
on the background. In the finished print the object will appear
detached from it’s shadow, thus giving a floating appearance. Try it;
you’ll like it (- and it reallyworks as said on TV) –

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ