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Digital camera suggetions

My ancient Fuji S7000 has gone to where ever dead cameras go and I
need to replace it. Most of my photography is typical point and
shoot although I do take some very nice stills, motion and closeups
of nature. I also have to take the kind of closeups that we all take
of our jewelry (macro, manual exposure, white balanced, tripod,
daylight adjusted lamps and a cloud dome). Can anyone suggest a
replacement camera that will meet these needs. I am not interested in
investing in a new DSLR body and lenses. While I would like to, I
have enough obsessions working with jewelry and don’t need to add
photography. I have looked at the new Canon G15 and like what I see.
Any advice from The Orchid readers would be appreciated. I am new to
Orchid and this topic may have been discussed before, but cameras
change so quickly that it might be time to revisit it. If you want to
see the types of jewelry pictures I take, look at my website

Thanks. Rob
Rob Meixner - Jewelry

hi Rob…I love, love, LOVE my Nikon D3000 – an older model and
I’ve had ‘her’ for about 3 years. Like you, I’ve got enough
obsessions and didn’t want a BIG learning curve.

I find it really easy to work with and I THINK I take good shots (I
took all the shots for my website)…and be gentle, I’m a beginner
in the jewellery world…

…there…my 2 cents…

have a splendid day,


I went through this same situation about 18 months ago, and my
requirements were very similar to yours. Through a combination of my
own research and Orchid feedback, I chose a Canon S95. I’ve been
very pleased with this camera. Perhaps the current iteration of the
S95 would fit your needs.

Jamie King,

My fuji had all but died. I recently got a cannon t3i. Its i.e. takes
great photos and I really like that I can tether it right to my
computer. And shoot live right on screen. This has been great for
studio/macro photography. And there a lot of lenses available for it.


Have you looked at the Micro 4/3 format digital cameras? They have
the same size sensor as a full DSLR and interchangeable lenses, but
they are very compact. I’ve got an Olympus EP-2 with a 14 - 42mm lens
and it cost me under $200 on eBay. This camera has made me love
photography again! I’m using the old lenses from my film SLRs (Canon,
Minolta, Nikon with adapters) but the base camera fits in a coat
pocket and takes truly gorgeous photos. If you aren’t familiar with
this type of camera you ought to check them out. They are fantastic.


I have looked at a lot of cameras, to include the small mirror less
DSLRs. I am trying to solve a problem and not take on another
obsession (something I am inclined to do if not managed). So I am
looking for a tool that will allow me to do the usual point and
shoot family stuff, but can still allow me to take manual, white
balanced, in focus, good macro pictures of jewelry that I can post on
my website. I have received lots of advice and will post my final
decision. Thanks. Rob