Digital camera suggestions

Aloha Georgette,

Thanks so much for the compliment.

What I mean by “shooting on screen” or “tethered” is, with the canon
software installed on my iMac I can plug the camera directly into the
iMac via USB (tethered). The software gives me a live view on screen
on the computer’s big screen. Plus shutter control of the camera as
well as some other camera controls through the computer. With the big
screen I can get a detailed view of very small objects and make
adjustments before I ever push the trigger. So its really Ideal for
in studio photography. For what ever you’re shooting. If you are
really interested in this feature make sure you check that the
software works with the model camera you get. I’m not sure it works
with some of the later models of canon Ti series 4Ti, and 5Ti.20

Hope this description helps.