Digital camera advice

Digital camera advice

Hi! I am a long time lurker interested in purchasing a digital
camera for photographing our jewellery for the internet, photo
valuations and for our own records. If it helps it will mostly be
platinum, gold and diamond jewellery.

I am officially a bit confused with it all! It seemed like the
Coolpix range eg. the Nikon Coolpix 5700 might be a good idea. Now
as I search the orchid 2005 archives, all the emails seem to be
about the Nikon D100 and D70. Have these superseded the Coolpix as
being better or more popular in most peoples opinion for
photographing jewellery? I am not definitely sold on having a Nikon

Any opinions and advice from those with first hand experience
photographing jewellery would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.

Cairns, Australia

Hi all, As the holidays come around I find I am looking for a really
small digital camera to carry when I travel. Small means one that
will fit in a shirt pocket and not too expensive 'cause odds of
losing it are high. The price range is broad from $100+ to well over
$300. Does anyone have one they like?

Happy Holidays! Bill

I know from a photography point of view the control of a single lens
reflex (SLR) camera is a very sexy prospect. Digital SLR cameras are
likewise very sexy. I went with the 3.32 Megapixel Nikon Coolpix 995 for a
couple hundred dollars on ebay (Item number: is an
auction from Australia that has three and a bit days left, running
for AU $86.95 for example), it is exactly what I need to get any
jewellery shots online and it’s highest possible resolution barely,
but does, meet the needs of having them put to slide should I want to
have them made to send to galleries, etc. Basically it’s the best
priced tool that gets the job done. The Coolpix 8800 line I don’t
know anything about, but it looks to be a product comparable to the
D70 lines, and of course the D100-200 lines are simply a large step
up to proffessional cameras (and price).

Note 1: I’d also get the remote Nikon MC-EU1 Remote Cord (ex: Ebay
Item number: ) as it doesn’t take a simple $10 mechanical

Note 2: The company i would get my digital to 35mm slides done with

Good luck,
K. David Woolley

Ebay links removed, sorry no Ebay on Orchid

Consider the Canon Power Shot SD 300 Digital Elph. If U need more
mega pixels, the 400 might more appropriate.


a great little camera with a new affordable price is the Nikon 4800 .
It has a macro function good for close-up detailed photos of jewelry,
and other settings and an 8x optical zoom (pay attention to optical
zoom, digital zoom not as significant), they are going for $199 now -
a smaller, somewhat less powerful option is the Nikon 5200 , also in
that price range. These cameras were over $400 less than a year ago.



Your post indicates you are not looking for a camera to take up
close-ups of jewelry. Remember what ever you buy will be with you for
a long time. Make sure you know all the reasons you want to buy a
camera for now and in the future.

Based on that assumption you should consider the following comments
listed in random order:

Look for AA battery powered camera. Having to charge a camera when
traveling is a pain. Its a lot of easier to stick several AA
batteries in your pocket rather than carry a transformer and yards of
cable for recharging.

Try a 5 mp camera.

Look at the ability of the camera to take close ups. You may want to
take close-ups later on.

Buy a belt mounted pouch for the camera. That will prevent you from
loosing you camera out of a pocket.

Buy a 512 to 1 meg chip if you plan on taking lots of pictures
before you can download them to your printer or computer.

Decide how you want to print your photos. There are several photo
printers that are included with a camera. I am not sure if they
store lots of photos. The best way to save lots of photos is to store
them on a Zip or remote drive. Don’t load you computer hard drive
with a lot of photos. By storing them with your computer you will
always be able to recover them.

Check out local electronics stores. Let the clerks explain the
advantages of each camera.

HSN and QVC have good prices on cameras and they explain the cameras
functions pretty well.

There are so many cameras on the market the shopping will drive you
nuts. You will buy today and next month you will regret your decision
because of the new cameras on the market.

Lee Epperson

Cannon ELPH is very small and a great camera. I’ve had small Cannon
point and shoots for years and they’ve made the transition to
digital nicely.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Hello Orchidland,

Digital camera advice tends to make me break out in "camera lust."
I’m resisting the impulse to buy another, as my ol’ Nikon 950 still
does a fine job… the Nikon 4300 I use at the office is also a gem -
pun intended. FYI, my experience with Kodak digital cameras has been
disappointing as they just quit working about a year after the
warrenty was up, and the cost for repair was not much less than the
purchase of a new Nikon.

I bought my Orchid Raffle tickets - have you??

Judy in Kansas

Hi Bill,

I am using Sony Syber-shot 7.2 Megapixels - small size, lots of
features, manual control if you want it, macro mode, 480x640 movie
mode. I would recommend going to :

this is a website that comes up with a very thorough questionnaire
of the features you might want in your camera and comes up with
recommendation of 10 possible cameras to suit your needs. After you
more or less know what you want, check out

http://www.dcresource.comp and read reviews by Jeff Keller - they are
the most consistent and thorough reviews I’ve seen. I bought all of
my cameras reading Jeff’s reviews first.


a great little camera with a new affordable price is the Nikon
4800. It has a macro function good for close-up detailed photos of

I have to agree THIS is the camera I have been looking for!!! Nikon
4800 is fantastic for my up-close jewelry shots! You can get to
within 1/2 inch of the subject. I bought mine a few months ago after
pouring over reviews online, I purchased mine on

Not being a professional photographer I needed something that I
could figure out and with this camera I can get the shots I’d only
dreamed of.