Digital caliper question

Hi All I am wanting to upgrade my calipers to digital, electronic
ones (using a fiberglass dial caliper at the moment) and would like
any guidance on brands to consider and places to get quality digital
calipers at a good price.

TIA - and Happy New Year
Ivy in Oakland

Top of the line digital electronic calipers cost in the $150 range.
However, being a cheapskate myself, but at the same time wanting
quality, I found a pair at Lee Valley Tools for $50. It measures up
to .01mm or .001", with accuracy plus or minus to the thousandth,
steel beam and jaws, inside and outside jaws and depth gauge, capable
of step measurements, converts to inches-millimeters. The only thing
I didn’t like about it is that it doesn’t have a thumb wheel for
sliding across the beam, and is instead just a stationary thumb slide
dohickey. But for $100 difference, I can live with it for quite
awhile. They are still lots better than the cheap dial types, and
very accurate. This is the link:,43513&cc
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“Mitutoyo” makes the best calipers and 6" is the best size. Price
should be around $110 to $125.00

There are cheaper Chinese models around $30 to $50.00. They do the
job quite well. But they are not as accurate or will not hold up for

4" is pretty popular with the Gem Dealers & is adequate for the
jewelers but very difficult to hold if you are measuring a Bracelet
or any wide pieces.

Regards Kenneth Singh

Hi Ivy, A digital caliper greatly improved the precision and accuracy
of my work. A “must have”, in my mind. I’d strongly recommend a
digital caliper with .01 mm accuracy and ability to switch to inches.
I think most calipers you’d encounter are of this nature. I’d look at
Harbor Freight or Western Tool before buying from a jewelry supplier.
A week after paying about $150 from a jewelry supplier, I saw the
same item at Western Tool (WT Tool) for half the price.

All the best!
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Another point on the Digital Calipers. I agree that they are a
"Can’t do without tool", but don’t make the mistake I did a few
years back and opt for the solar powered ones. It sounded like a
great idea at the time but when working with the grading lamp as
your primary source of light, they just don’t work. There is not
enough light to “charge them up”.

Go for the ones with the replaceable battery and you will not be