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[digest] Welcome - Ingeborg

o Dear Michael, Thanks for your message. Can you go into
further details about the hazards of this torch?(in simple
terms…I am not a chemist) Who makes these torches? How many
different kinds are there? You see I am scared to keep gas and
oxygen…or acetylene in an apartment…and thought…that the
water torch might be THE solution. I really appreciate your
response! Ingeborg

o Dear Rick, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am
disappointed that this torch does not work for you…Tim
Goodwin recommends a Spiraflame…I will keep on doing
research…because I want to find something that will not
create a fire hazard in an apartment. I will keep your
experiences in mind!!! Thanks again! Ingeborg

o Dear Chris, Thank you for your advice on the water
torch…Yes I understand that it is too hot for
granulation…I can live with(out) that…I really want this
torch because I do not feel safe having gas and oxygen in an
apartment.I know that the flame is small and hot…but have heard
many positive remarks. Have you heard negative experiences from
fellow craftspeople? I am also wondering what kind of maintenance
a torch like this will require. Have a good weekend!Do you know
firms that make (and repair) these wonders? Thank You! Ingeborg