[Digest Post] [YAK] Who's the biggest jeweler

Man am i fat, i guess, 5’8’, 170, 49 years old, but i’ve always
been stronger than most larger people that i’ve known, and never had
a problem wrestling them either, unfortunately well out of shape now
though, i recently bought 2 new pairs of running shoes, ready to
go, for the exercise i plan to get this year, the year of the

Hi All, What a great post. It helps to lighten things in our crazy
world. I reached 6’ 2" early in high school and now that I am in to
my senior years I feel I am shrinking when notice how the grandkids
are sprouting. I like many others plan on loosing weight. It just
seems that food tastes much better as you grow older. Lee

I'm 5' 2" and I'm sticking to that story no matter what my 14 year
old says  <G> 

Laura, I’m on the other side also…a whole 5 ft if I stand
straight and tall…Char

   Okay -- I wanna know who started this thing with who's the
biggest -- what about all of us on the other end of things??? 

We could have fun with this sort of theme. How 'bout one of “who’s
the best jeweler?” that’s obviously got many interpretations, once
one includes “best at WHAT”… Or even more devious, which jeweler
has the biggest ego about their skills or work, with the twist that
you can’t nominate yourself… (grin)…From: bericho1 bericho1@comcast.net

What a fun posting! Wonder what our “composite” jeweler would look
like if we averaged heights, weights, ages, sex. Would we have a 6
ft., 180 lb, 45 yr old, male, or a 5 ft, 120 lb, 38 yr old female? or
would the odds be skewed to seniors in 65+ age group, male or female?
Hmmm - and what bearing does that have on anything anyway! I am
beginning to think we are a motley crew of zany, possessed creators
with fun personalities and hearts of gold. Sorry about this totally
unrelated, really silly post, but just had to add some levity into
our serious price discussions! K

From: “Beth Wicker” ruralart@earthlink.net

Laura, at 5’ I have you beaten by 2" - eat your heart out !
But let’s don’t get into the width thing -ok? Short doesn’t mean
narrow, unfortunately - but hey, that’s what got my ancestors
through the potator famine, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. I just
tell folks I’m all ready for the next famine .

Beth in SC (not to be confused with the other Beth who has much more
experience than I do!)