[Digest Post] Separating iron from gold powder

Hi Yuivak,

 I have some 24k gold powder which has been slightly contaminated
with small particles of iron.

If I were you, I’d try a magnet. Get the strongest magnet you can

Make sure the mixture is dry & if there are any lumps in it
pulverize them so you truely hae a mixture of fine particles.

Spread the mixture out on a non magnetic surface (glass or ceramic,
etc) in as thin a layer as possible.

Keeping the magnet as close to the mixture as possible, but not
touching, pass the magnet over the mixture in from one end to the
other in overlapping rows until the entire surface has been gone

To ensure an even coverage, go over the mixture a 2nd time. This
time from side to side (at 90 degrees to the 1st).

This should method should remove the iron in the mixture.

DaveFrom: kgoeller@nolimitations.com

Yuvak, The first inclination I’d have would be to use a magnet to
pick up all the iron particles, leaving behind the gold. You’ll
want to sift through it a few times to make sure you’ve gotten all
the iron out, but this should work, since gold is not magnetic.

Good luck! Karen Goeller kgoeller@nolimitations.com
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From: “Brian Symons” brians@mackay.net.au

If it isn’t mechanically bonded then use a magnet, that’s what is
done when making filings for soldering filigree work the “American
Indian” way.

A lurker, Brian.

From: John Burgess johnb@ts.co.nz

G’day. Get a good magnet, cover it in tissue or polythene and
after making sure the powder is quite dry, drag it over the powder
until it picks up no more iron… Renew the covering when and if

– Cheers for now, John Burgess; johnb@ts.co.nz of Mapua, Nelson NZ

From: “Dan Statman” dan.statman@rennlist.com

Use a magnet. Of course this will only work for your iron in the
gold and not silver.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs www.statmandesigns.com

Greetings Yuvak! Easiest way would be a disposable magnet, just
running it through the gold in solution with water and rinsing loose
gold off before tossing it.

Otherwise, I’d get a small zip lock baggie to close the magnet into,
then swish it with the gold as above. Then tease the magnet out of
the baggie while standing over the shop waste bin and you can send
the iron to the refinery with your other waste. Repeat as many times
as necessary to clean the gold.This is similar to what I do to
recover the steel micro shot used in my magnetic finisher.

Donna in Dallas