[Digest Post] Keystone

Keystone means double your cost. Triple is three times your cost.

David Geller

      Keystone means double your cost. Triple is three times your

David, This definition is misleading. Keystone means (as others
have said) double the wholesale cost. Triple key is three times
wholesale. If “you” indicates the artisan rather than a retailer,
then the word “cost” is actually inaccurate.

BethFrom: “Douglas Turet” anotherbrightid@hotmail.com

Hi Nancy, I just read your posting on the Orchid List, and thought
I’d be one of the first to answer you. Just as the “key” stone (or
keystone)in an arch made of masonry is the one whose location is
positioned exactly halfway between the two ends of that arch, the
“keystone” model of jewelry pricing places the dollar amount of your
cost at exactly the halfway point of your retail pricing. In other
words, an item priced at “keystone” sells for exactly twice it’s
wholesale cost. To keep matters interesting, the phrase, “triple
keystone pricing”, means three times your cost (as in the Stuller
catalog, and others). How’s that for simplicity?

All my best, Doug Douglas Turet, GJ Lapidary Artist, Designer &
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325-5328 eFax (928) 222-0815 anotherbrightidea@hotmail.com

From: JSEllington@cs.com

Pricing at Keystone means you divide the price given by a factor to
get your cost. Triple keystone means your wholesale cost is 1/3 of
the price given.

J. S. Ellington

From: “Michael R. Mathews Sr.” Ringman@cox-internet.com

Hello Nancy: Keystone is the price of an item. Too “Key” or
“Keystone” is defined as doubling the price or 2 times the price. If
you pay $100 for an item you “Key” it too $200. Triple keystone means
that the item cost 1/3 of the amount you charge for it or you are
charging 3 times what it cost. This is were it gets tricky, there is
no double keystone because the term “Keystone” basically means
doubling. Many catalogs such as Stuller list prices at triple
keystone at a $300 gold market so that when you show the item in the
catalog too a customer you can use the price listed without them
seeing what you pay. I hope I have explained this well.
Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA JACMBJ