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        How do you get to the "active CAD population that uses a
variety of software" at ? Seemed all you
could do there is buy commercial jewelry..... Janet in Jerusalem 

You would have to become a member of JDN. There should be a
membership page on the site and if not you can email/phone them to
become a member.

The yearly membership just went up this year. It used to be $99.50
per year but now I think it is $199.00 or $299.00 per year.

Call them at 886-334-2877 and they can give you more details.

Ken Kotoski MPG Repair 1-877-262-2185From: “David S. Geller”

Go to There is a place to sign up for a trail period.
GREAt site for bench people with Cad/Cam

David Geller

From: “Jeff Lomax”

Hi Janet, thanks for your interest in JDN. I am a member there. In
order to access and take part in the CAD discussions and Bench
discussions, you must become a member and have proof of being in the
trade. We are not just a trading network,well actually we trade a
lot of knowledge. They are now in teh process of working out a small
fee for a trial membership. So you may access the boards and see if
this is for you. The full membership fees are $250 per year. I save
that much on one idea I get from this group. While I have been a
fulltime benchie for 25 years and continue to go for more education
yearly, this JDN group has done more for me in a short time than I
can express here. So maybe you will log on there again and give the
trial membership a try. If it takes a bit to get in please be
patient,we aren’t yahoo or ebay and don’t have millions to put into
programing. Thanks, Jeffery Lomax


Janet Ref: JDN You are very mistaken about "Seemed all you could do
there is buy commercial jewelry… " It’s just the opposite. JDN
is a benchie site torch, laser, imaging, stone cutting or in front of
a PC designing jewelry. Many leaders in all of these have an input
there. Much like we have here at Orchid. The network has been
attempting to build the trading channels but the main gist is
knowledge and sharing what we know. TON (The Other Network i.e.
Polygon) as it is referred to on JDN is a trading network first and
tech, benchie, appraiser network second. I belong to JDN and
belonged to Poly for many years. You might want to check it out
before you chuck it out, the membership fee i s very resonable. Also
I understand Polygon now has a pay per month membership test ride. If
trading in diamonds, watches or looking to stock your cases with
great deals that you need ASAP then you must look into Polygon. But
remember, both only work as good as you work at it.

Jim Mannella AKA Jim & TH@ NICK~~


Janet in Jerusalem, The Jewelry Dealer’s Network at btwtncom does
indeed have a very active group of CADCAM folks You must join the
network (it’s not free) to participate, I think it’s like $2995
/month And worth every cent If you have some CADCAM questions, ask
away, because there are many knowledgeable users here on Orchid using
a wide variety of software

Wayne Emery