[Digest Post] Identifying Color Change Stone

 I'll add a 3rd photo if the sun comes out!:

My best guess is that it’s an “alexandrite-like synthetic spinel.”
They were produced by the ton (maybe slight exaggeration) in the
70’s and 80’s. David Barzilay, Lord of the RingsFrom: “Tony Konrath” tonykw@earthlink.net

I believe you have a synthetic corundum that’s been doped to
resemble an alexandrite.

From: “Daniel R. Spirer” spirersomes@earthlink.net

In the size range you have the odds are it is a synthetic corundum

Daniel R. Spirer, GG www.spirersomes.com

From: “Nick” st88z@batelco.com.bh

Mardel, I am sure you are going to get many replies to this question,
but from what is visible in the pictures + what you described, it is
almost certainly a synthetic colour change sapphire containing
vanadium made to imitate alexandrite.

If you want to be 100% certain you have to take it to a gemmologist
or someone who handles stones on a frequent basis.

Hope that helps and just my opinion. All the best - Nick

From: " David L. Huffman" dhuffman@odyssey.net

    Hello Orchidians, I have come into possession of a ring that
has one stone approximately 18x12mm in an 14K yellow gold setting.
I thought Mardel 

Hi Mardel; I think I’ve seen plenty of those in my days as a
repair/custom jeweler and here’s my guess: It’s a simulated
alexandrite, a man made spinel, I think, or perhaps corundum. I’m
pretty certain of this, but the GG’s will tell you more specifically
what it’s made of and perhaps those involved in appraising estate
stuff can tell you when they were in use. Not much intrinsic value
other than some potential as an antique. I don’t think they’re
being made anymore, although they were popular at one time.

David L. Huffman David L. Huffman Studios, Inc.

From: Donna Wilson donwil44@yahoo.com

It looks just like a synthetic alexandrite I have.

Donna in VA