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[Digest] Bye guys!

So, if you have a stray good thought on tuesday, could you send them
towards walnut creek Kaiser???

You bet, Best of luck to you, my family’s thoughts are with you. Get well,
Terry S.From:

good luck, Pam!
(good thoughts going your way on tuesday) and congrats on the
article, can’t wait to see it- anne


Dear Pat:
My thoughts and prayers will be with you on Tues. for a short stay in the
hosp. and a very speedy recovery after (and, of course, that the surgeon’s
removed the all the cancer with as little lung as possible).

From: “R. W. Wise”

Best of luck. We will expect to see you back soon

From: Mollie Arnette marnette@CITCOM.NET

Best of luck to you!!! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Mollie in beautiful western North Carolina

From: “N B Widmer”

Pat -
Will be thinking of you on the 9th. I’m with you on the ‘ignore’ bit,
but suspect everyone else if right. Get well soon and enjoy the crepes in
the meantime!

From: “Laura Hiserote”

I’ll have many good thoughts straying toward Walnut Creek Kaiser. Best of
luck. I’ll be anxious to hear of your recovery.
Laura Hiserote


Sorry to hear of your upcoming operation.
My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

From: “GoldStones, Inc.”

Pat, Not just my thoughts, but my prayers also…
Sharon Z.

From: Steve Klepinger

All my best wishes go with you. I’m sure, that with your family’s
loving care and your Doc’s skills, you’ll be back on the job & on the list
bennefiting the trade again soon.
Take care; Steve K.

From: Beverly Gorenstein

Pat -
Best of luck - with your mother’s cooking, you’re sure to have
the best shot at a speedy recovery !!
Laura Wiesler


I pray from deep of my heart for your early recovery and would like every
one of the list to join me for the prayers…prayers do have effect.We
will be missing you on the list. By the way on June 9th I will more near
to the God ( Iwill be flying to Pakistan so willbe on air ) so
hope fully will be heard loud and clear by GodSmile Any way wish you
best of luck and please Get Well Soon. Fazalur Qazi California