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Diffractive paper

   Some setters use shirtboard and tissue paper for
underlayment. Another trick for backing transluscent stones is
to use diffractive paper, also called laser cut paper. It comes
in different colors, such as red, orange, blue, purple, pink,
green--heck, you name it. It also comes in different patterns;
checkerboard, circles, swirls, rays, etc. 

I checked a seach engine under diffractive paper and found a lot
of things I didn’t understand like phd theses in physics. Laser
cut paper led me to many printers but I never found an
explanation of where I can find this paper. Can anyone help? It
sounds like an interesting way to get unusual effects with some
’stones’ I picked up at Wolf E. Myrow.

kathi parker

Orchid Digest Post:
Re: Diffractive paperFrom: Rick Hamilton

You might check out a company called

205 Chubb Avenue
Lyndenhurst NJ 07071

I have a paperselector and box of samples from them that is
extensve. Richard D. Hamilton

From: “Dianne Karg”

It sounds like holographic paper to me. Check your local gift
wrap store. Dianne

From: “Brian & Kathy”

Hi ho Kathi - Diffractive contact paper can be had in some
hardware stores (mostly for the purpose of putting it on your
bathroom windows for light and privacy), and I think some art
supply stores may have it, contact or not. If all else fails,
give another yell and I’ll zip you the address of American
Science and Surplus, a great catalog for inexpensive oddities
(Nunzilla brightens my benchtop, courtesy of A.S.&S.!)

Kathy (alternate spelling)

From: Vicki Embrey

Diffractive paper can be found in the American Science and
Surplus catalog (they have a website, but I forget the URL) and
most likely at any store selling art supplies. I have seen them
at artsy rubber stamp and paper arts stores.

From: Linda Crawford

Kathi, We have a company in my area that manufacture items from
the laser cut paper. They may sell the paper as well. White
Eagle, 1625 S. Main St., Willits, CA 95490 (707) 459-0311 the
owners name is Sherry.

Linda Crawford, Willits, Northern CA, USA
Linda Crawford Designs

From: Kathy Palochak

Try places like Edmundson Scientific, Radio Shack and
stationary/card/gift shops. Diffractive foils for gift wrapping
usually come out around Christmas time here. Under search engines
you might try in the optical or illusion papers and/or foils.