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Different finishes on silver and other metals

I really love the bright white of silver when I take it out of the pickle. Not always but sometimes it can look modern and funky. Is there any way to keep that look? also I like the look of liver of sulphur patination especially that dark blue colour. Is there a way of painting designs with a fine paintbrush? Was thinking of trying warming the metal then using warmed almost non diluted liver of sulphur. Has anyone tried this?

I can’t answer for the bright white post-pickle look but with LOS there are a few videos online. Robyn Cornelius has a “Liver of Sulfur Secrets Tutorial” that’s totally worth checking out. The LOS gel is great to work with, dilute it a little and paint layer by layer. You can stop the reaction with cold water in between layers. It works better if the piece has a brass brush finish. I keep my LOS warm but have tried keeping the metal warm on a hot plate, that works for flatter pieces.

That tutorial sounds interesting thanks