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Diego Candela - Jewelry Gallery

hanuman Diego Armando Candela
Kuya Perú
Lima, Peru

I’m a Peruvian artist so I used this ancient Inca Technique of weaving pure silver threads and update it to create my pieces. I kept the basics, using Peruvian natural stones but focusing on trending and modern styles.

Materials: Silver, Stone
Dimensions: 20 inches long

Woven Necklace out of pure Silver threads.
Stone is Crissocola which is a peruavian stone.

Photo credit: FotoIdeas

Pink Sea

Materials: Silver, Quartz
Dimensions: Size 8

Woven Ring using pure Silver threads. Silver engraves little pink quartz and reflects the sea and our peruvian roots.

Photo credit: FotoIdeas

Tiger Eye

Materials: Silver, Eye of Tiger Stone
Dimensions: 3 inches

Woven Earrings using pure Silver threads.
Stone is a Eye of Tiger used in our ancient inca civilization.

Photo credit: FotoIdeas