Dichoric Glass

There was a web address posted about three wks ago for ordering at
.40 per gram and I lost it (I belive Peter Rowe ordered some) if
anyone saved the address would you please send it to me for I would
like to order some.

Thanks in advance

Go to www.geosoul.com . I ordered a $20 sample package and was
pleasantly surprised. I have made a few pieces using these dichroic
glass cabs. The response has been very positive.

Joel Schwalb

When you get the source for Dichroic Glass, would you post it again
on Orchid or send it to me? I just was wishing the same thing…

Thanks so much,
Virginia Vivier
Artes Primitiv
Apache Junction, AZ

Try Paul Tarlow from Izm Studio. http://www.izm.com email:

2310 Clover Ridge Drive 
Cedar Park TX 78613 USA
Tel: 512-426-4150
Fax: 512-692-2572

Tell him you got his contacts from Orchid, maybe you will het a discount


Hi All, Have you tried ebay? I found several sources there. Have a
colorful day!! Helen

Hi Virginia, Dichroic glass is available at Arrow Springs
(www.arrowsprings.com). Donna and Craig are really neat folks
located in Shingle Springs, CA Marta in Sacramento