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Diamonds & Rubies in a wrist, name-plate


You will see just one of the numerous patterns I decided to use! This decision was brought about when viewing the many large spaces in between all of the stones. As I had a ‘limited’ selection of Diamonds & Rubies, you will also see where I placed the larger Ruby in the letter " S “. The eye gravitates generally to the center of the ‘name plate & letters’, so why not place the biggest stones there? I used a 'Flat Graver #40” (or Glardon #10) for this continuing “Bright-Cutting” exercise.

For the background ‘finish’, I painted all of the letters with a very thick nail-polish & sand-blasted the whole bracelet at once. When the item was completed, all I did was to place the name-plate in acetone & let it remain in a little beaker in a sonic-cleaner…just for a few minutes & all of the paint was easily removed! As this area is deeply recessed, no ‘wear or tear’ will ever occur. Even if you slip while Bright-Cutting, those ‘graver slips’ will be covered over with the ‘air-blast’ of sand, great idea?