Diamonds Price and DeBeers' monopoly

I have to agree with Morley… can you picture the JVC going after a
huge monopoly like DeBeers? Diamonds are not rare, they have many
years supply (some say as much as 20 years) stashed. They control the
price by controlling the amount released to cutters each year. This
business practice benefits the monopoly - not the ultimate consumers,
who are led to beleive (in advertising) that diamonds in your life
are a must! We (the bench jewelers) who ultimately work with this
product, have been conditioned to put up with this situation, and
learn to make a living in spite of these artificial prices…

We were fed what amounts to “propaganda” for countless years, as to
what a quality diamond should be… look around you now. “Champagne”,
“Tea”, and “Coffee” colored stones - a market filled with SI2 and I3
stones that were only suitable for use in drill bits or other
industrial applications… all because someone (guess who) figured
that this should now become another viable source of income…
different “propaganda” - but if it looks like a duck, and quacks like
a duck, and makes a huge profit…

Brian P. Marshall

I’ve been away on vaca for a week so I may be late on this response,
but the “champagne diamond” idea was not de Beers’, but actually the
Argyle mine owner’s ideas. Quite frankly it was the Indians who most
heavily promoted the use of I clarity stones as that it what they
spend most of their time cutting. If you are going to blame de Beers
for anything it should be for maintaining the value of everyone’s
diamonds over a long period of time…wait a minute, that doesn’t
sound like such a bad idea. I’m kind of glad those stones all my
customer’s bought years ago still have value. Actually it has been
the American jewelry market that has driven down profit margins the
most on diamonds.

I am responding to the diamond priceing. If anyone has read a book
called Master of the game it actually refers to the DeBeers monoply
and how it came to be. As per Argyle Dimonds they put mass diamonds
into the market because DeBeers tried to tell them they wernt allowed
to sell there diamonds without the permission of DeBeers. In actuall
fact 30% of DeBeers diamonds are infact Argyle Diamonds.If your
Question is how do i know this well let me tell you Im Australian and
i read not only the papers but also the mining reports from Argyle.

thank you, I do not know if yo read the e-mail I’ve send to this lady
who was looking for some pricing info about diamonds,but I agree 100%
with your estatement.After years,people realize that diamonds are a
big commercial fact.Giant jewelry companys hit the drum of “diamonds
are a girl best friend”,and it lookes like they are doing a pretty
good job.Despite all the good I give to people,they still
do not receive the message.Anyway,Honnest people running the best
business I think and that’s what have in mind. Greatings,Pedro