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Diamond visual aid question


…have to give a talk next month at a bridal show on
diamonds. Does the GIA Library have any visual aids?

  1. Library - We have a collection of ~18,000 35mm slides, but
    they are currently only available as ‘one time use for
    publication’ (for a fee). For more on using these
    slides in publications, contact Judy Colbert
    the GIA Slide Librarian.

  2. Alumni - I understand that the alumni does have some
    materials that are available for loan to alumni members. I’m not
    sure of the nature or details. Please contact them directly at

  3. Bookstore - There are a number of slide sets available for
    purchase from the GIA bookstore. For more contact
    Susan Van De Vyvere the bookstore Showroom

I would probably contact the bookstore first. There are a number
of nice slides on diamond that come in small sets and are very
reasonably priced. I’m not sure exactly what your talk is
intended to focus on… but in any case, best regards and luck
with your presentation! Please feel free to ask any historical or
technical questions about diamonds.

James Marker, G.G. <@James_Marker> or
GIA-Net System Operator & Research Librarian
Richard T. Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center
Gemological Institute of America