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Diamond tools

G’day; I have recently bought diamond riffler files and burrs
at silly low prices from our local chain store hardware shop, but
there’s no point in telling you the name for they are confined to
the South Island of New Zealand. However, the riffler files and
rotary burrs are of Chinese manufacture, are of the plated type and
I found them excellent. I have done jade carving with them with
very good results, though there seems to be only a fairly coarse
grade of diamond used, and further work has to be done with
wet-and-dry paper, with various grades of fine diamond powder in a
grease on a wooden stick for finishing. But you have to do that
anyway. I paid $40NZ for a set of 20x 3-5mm burrs (all different
shapes) and had no problems at all with both hand-files and burrs.
Approx NZ$1 = around 53cents US. At that price you could afford to
use them for only a day! But they last well in fact, especially
if you use water to keep them cool. A bit on the big side for
do-it-yourself dentistry though…

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At sunny Nelson NZ where summer doesn’t want to leave us yet though it is
late Autumn. I sat on the beach today in summer clothing- and not much of it.