Diamond testers

My employer has asked me to do some research on purchasing a diamond
tester. He and I have had enough gemological training we can tell
diamonds apart from the CZs etc… However we have some new
employees without any gemological experience and we can’t be there at
every moment. I’ve always been a little skeptical of this type of
equipment. Are there some good models out there and if so, what are
they? What models should I stay away from? Help me out Orchid. I’m
depending on you.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

Hi James, I have little training in gem identification but have put
the Diamondnite to the test with perfect results so far. Its pretty
inexpensive and its a great tool for quick(1.5 seconds) verification
on items people show me. It tests for diamond, versus cubic zirconia
or synthetic moissanite with gems in settings or loose. There are
various specific tools out there manufactured by Ceres but the
Diamondnite is a compact all in one unit for checking if its a
diamond or moissonite or other. I haven’t tested a vapor deposition
diamond but i am quite sure it would pass as diamond.

Jon in Montreal