Diamond Sources in U.S?


For those that incorporate them, whom do you recommend for sourcing loose diamonds? I’m not looking for individual 10k “break-the-bank” uber “rare” museum quality here XD , but something more realistically seen in typical rings, pendants, everyday-wear, etc. I did a Search and a couple hits came up, but most were pre-2000 (1990’s) or does Ganoksin have a Registry for supplies/stone(s) sources somewhere?

Appreciate any info and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If you are looking to buy wholesale there are hundreds of dealers in New York and Los Angeles. You will have to prove that you are a retailer and you will not be able to get goods on memo unless you have a JBT rating or Dunn and Bradstreet. I use Ninacci, DBS and Diamond Days. I also buy from pawn shops and gold buyers. Sometimes they don’t know the value of what they have or they just need to move some things that they did not give much for. I also buy or trade off the street from my customers. I use the RapNet app on my phone for pricing and some sourcing. You have to be a member and pay the fee. There is another one that is free called VDB, Virtual Diamond Boutique. Are you experienced or have GIA training? When somebody says they have a 1.26 carat princess VS2 G excellent good very good with a AGS cert. Do you know what all that means? If you just need some diamonds and you are new to it Stuller sells everything and are less intimidating to the newbie. You pay for that hand holding though. I think even Rio Grande sells some diamonds and you don’t have to prove you have a retail jewelry operation.

Thank you for the reply. At the moment I do not have a business license as I’m trying to get “my ducks in order” before doing so, though when I do I won’t have a “brick-and-mortar” establishment. I am not experienced in GIA, but I do know my way around the various grading systems in definition. Basically, I am just looking for the best options so that if I want or need to incorporate a diamond(s) into a design, I won’t have to retail it to Blue Nile or some other mainstream retailer; however, I guess sometimes you have to pay the piper to get what you want. I’ve read some Searches where people don’t receive the quality as advertised once in hand, so I just want to make sure I can purchase from an establishment I can trust. Hope that makes sense :]

I think for up to 1/2 carat Rio Grande might be your best bet. They don’t require that you be a retail jeweler to buy from them.

I have always found Strachura in Uxbridge, MA, offers the best choice.
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