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'Diamond Sieves" - why are they necessary?

I’m sure you’ll probably be interested in the sifting of your gem & diamond stones. In this essay, you will see how this complete set will work!

I’m now using the whole set extensively.

After one ’thorough sifting’, this recent purchase already paid for itself!

“Diamond Sieves” are for everyone who keeps stones in their ‘growing’ inventory!

There will many times that you will have a great assortment of diamonds or even gemstones all of different sizes. What will you do now the answer is so easy, here is my solution. BTW, all diamond dealers and as well gemstone suppliers, have the same series of “sifting plates” as shown here in this essay!

How do you intend to size each stone for your growing inventory? I also had this big problem recently and I decided to invest in a ‘sorting & sifting’ apparatus.

These “Sifting Plates” are only good for round stones , not the Square (Princess) or any other ‘odd-shaped’ stones…Sorry!..:>(

I decided to write on each name tag the following information; such as the sift/plate number and of course the very important & (necessary) millimeter size of each selected stone group.



Inside the leather pouch are the essential and useful sifting plates and I.D. numbering for each plate.

Here is the guide and as well the millimeter size corresponding to each plate! This accuracy is “beyond important”, it is totally essential for all stone dealers, all of the time!


This is the "pouch description" when buying this sifting series of plates. What ever the price you pay, this sifting plates will definitely pay for itself in a matter of a few sifting exercises.


How does this apparatus work? You can put literally hundreds of stones into each plate (as shown) and using a little wooden stick, you an tap the side of the flask and those smaller stones will fall through. These will be smaller than the size to be I.D.'d.

The stones remaining on the plate will be greater that those that have fallen through! We are now slowly getting to the correct size, agree? Choose another (larger number) plate for a larger stone , repeat this task until you have all of the stones nicely selected for your inventory.


There is no danger if the plates are not kept in sequential order. You have the I.D. numbering system inside the top plate to help you to keep them in order.