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Diamond setting video tutorials video requests

Hi gang!

I have to date completed 46 video’s, but I have a b-i-g
…What other topics on “Diamond-Setting” would interest
the Orchid group? Don’t feel embarrassed in writing to me off-line.
I promise I won’t use your name!

Gerry Lewy

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the great videos on bright cutting. You make it look
easy, but I know from experience that it is not. One additional area
that might be of broad interest is the cutting of azures. What do you

Bob Kase
Palm Desert CA

Robert Kase.

Well this time I beat you to the ‘punch’. I just about 1/2 hour ago
downloaded a video on Azure designing & different patterns.

You want me to show you how it’s done? problem! Give me a few
days on that,eh!

Has anybody else had trouble viewing Gerry’s diamond setting videos?
I was so excited when he started making his videos, but sadly I’ve
not been able toview any of them. A message always comes up saying
that they are not available for mobile devices. Sadly, all I have at
the present time is an iPad andiPhone, both of which are mobile
devices. I don’t know if anything can be done about this.


Helen Hill, & everyone!!!

Here is my offer to YOU all! I want everyone to see & learn from
my videos & can’t. Send me your “snail-mail” address, I’ll download
all of them into DVD’s. This is an offer you mustn’t refuse. Just let
me know which videos you need. I have all of them in my
’video-archives’…Gerry Lewy