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Diamond setting using 9ct gold - beginner!

Hi, while I have been making jewellery for sometime, my set up and aspirations have been pretty basic, and I have completed very little stone setting techniques (apart from flush settings). I have been asked to make an engagement ring (for my brother!)… and his partner wants a 3.5mm diamond set in an oval mount with minimal claws. Where do I start? I have watched tutorials online about building from scratch, and have also considered casting in delft clay with diamond in place. Any tips for a beginner with low confidence but high stakes?

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If you want to “Set stones in wax”, I have the essay that you are looking for. If you kindly send me your EXACT email address. I’ll send you a reprint of the instructions that you need.
BTW, this offer is OPEN TO EVERYONE. Everyone who is even interested, just do the same…All I need is your email address and I’ll make the very same offer.
This essay explains every aspect and method in doing this procedure. It is even great for “the absolute beginner”.
Gerry Lewy!


Since they want minimal claws, how about setting the diamond in a bezel? I love a bezel set diamond.
Big or small.


perhaps browse thru the below website to see if they have stone setting course(s) similar to what you are looking for…there are free videos as well as videos for purchase, singalky, or in program format…

i personally feel that the courses by peter keep are excellent and well worth the investment

consider bezel setting fabrication and setting techniques and then take to a different level…

…“prongs”can be cut out of a full bezel…ie: a full bezel can be notched to reveal just two rounded partial bezel “prongs” at the top and bottom of an oval…

ie: think of this below 4 claw starting out as a bezel…


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Hey Gerry, I’d love a copy of that doc on setting stones with wax
Send to:

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Could you send me the essay as well please? My email is
Thanks very much,

Hello Gerry, I would love to receive a copy of your essay on casting stones in place (in wax). Thank you so much,