Diamond setting notes

Hello Gerry Could I also get a copy of your notes as well. Any extra
tipsand tricks are always useful. Thanks Dan Gallagher

Hi Gerry, I also would love to have a copy of your notes.

Vince LaRochelle,

Hi all!

I’m going to reply to all of your essay requests, once I get 2-3
more mini-videos finished. I can’t do 3 things at once!.:>) Gerry

Hi there

Please add me to the mailing list. May your spirit of passing
knowledge be an example to us all. Kudos to you

Shakil Mahomed

I’d love to be added to your list too!

Thank you so much for your awesome videos and All of us
at Orchid are truly blessed to have people share like
this with us. El

Hi Jerry,

could you add me to the list too please, I think the video’s are