Diamond setting notes

One of my students asked me to start making ‘setting-videos’. She
said it would be a good idea for everyone to see how certain
off-beat settings are constructed and prepared. I replied I have
little experience in making " You-Tube" tutorials. I can only do one
thing at a time and this must be done with total accuracy. That is
why I prefer to stick with being an author! With my surgery coming up
in February I, I will put aside much time in my 2 month recovery in
writing more essays. In fact I gave my class a series of 40
questions, but with no answers. So I thought why not write out these
40 questions and include my answers in this new essay-text? I will of
course, include many more photographs as possible. All of these
essays will then appear in my Gerry’s Blog!

Hi all!

Many years ago I had the realization that it is important for 'us’
to share our wealth of knowledge. This fantastic Orchid forum to
available to everyone who is starting out in this profession. Why
keep our notes on jewellery fabrication private and to ourselves? One
teacher in a school in Toronto, got mad at me for ‘giving away’ my
diamond setting notes…free of charge! Another person said
"What, you’re not charging for your essays?". I just can’t stand to
listen to these infantile, useless arguments.

Umesh Chavan (on our Orchid) asked me last week to send him some
of my essays. I am doing that tonight & I thought why not do this
for everyone
? I’m now putting together about 60 pages of articles I
wrote many years ago with Brad Simon. Although his “Bench” magazine
is no longer in publication, I still have his pages from his
magazine…(including some his advertising)…:>) My 'open invitation’
is, if anyone wants to get these essays, just ask, many of them have
. I even did my own photography work. now I’m doing video’s.
This technology has nicely assisted ‘us’ in getting our skills
shared. world-wide! BTW, one of my ‘short essays’ is only 27+ pages
in length. It describes in greatest of details, all of my setting
tools, one month of non-stop writing! So I guess I’m now an author,
instructor, diamond setter and now a video-maven!..:>) Gerry Lewy

Oh thank you Gerry, I love to a have a copy please.


Hi Gerry,

Your knowledge is vast and truly matched by your generosity of

I would love to have a copy of your notes. I am an infant amongst
all you experts but I would be so interested in reading and trying
to apply some of hard won techniques.

How do I go about an official request?

Thanks, Taf Schaefer

I would love a copy. As a bench jeweler for over 20 years one can
always learn new tips and skills from others and it is a blessing
that you are willing to share. How would one go about contacting you?

Hi Gerry,

I’d love to see whatever you’re willing to share. I’m always
interested in learning, especially from industry experts.

Thanks, -Lara

Hello Gerry

What a generous thing to do! You will live forever through those who
have learned from you.

All the best,
Judy in Kansas


I would appreciate a copy of your articles as well. Thank you for
your continued support of our forum. @Bob_Kase

Bob Kase

Hi Gerry,

I would sincerely love a copy of you notes please Gerry.

I’m happy to send a donation to your charity with pleasure

Kindest regards

Gerry. Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks for your
willingness to share. Rob

Rob Meixner

Hi Gerry, I would love to have a copy also. That is very nice of you
to share with all of us. Carolyn

Really enjoying all that you’ve shared so far Gerry, thank you for
this! I would love to have a copy of shared notes.



Thank you so much for the wealth of info & for sharing your
invaluable knowledge. Can I also get copies?

May I jump on the bandwagon and get a copy of your notes as well?


I too would love a copy, even though this is above my pay grade. I
do look forward to getting there someday.

thank you for your astounding generosity!

Christopher Lund

Hi Gerry, Been enjoying your videos and would love a copy of your

I’ve been in the trade for almost 20 years now. I remember back in
college, one thing that I was told is that many jewelers tend to hold
onto there secrets and not want to pass on what they have learned
completely as that would just be setting that person up to take
business from them. I have not tended to follow that philosophy.

Over the years I have been in a position to teach an apprentice and
I have always shared whatever little secrets I have learned to help
that student become a better goldsmith. I love the possibilities of
sharing tricks and techniques. I think it can make for a better

Scott Palmer

Wow thank you I would love a copy as well! Teri Davis

Gerry, It’s obvious that there is a lot of interest in your notes,
so, instead of mailing them to specific individuals, why not put them
on a shared site somewhere and post a link?

Regards, Gary Wooding


My Name is Franklin Miranda Kerl

And I too would be interested in obtaining some of your notes.

I have always read your postings and quietly enjoyed each and
everyone of them.

Although I am a member of Orchid and have been for years I have
never ever written a post on it. except for this one.

I hope that you get this request, Thanking you in advance


Hi Gerry,

Would love to get your notes. My mail id : @Kavitha_Balakrishnan

Thanks so much