Diamond setters responsibility!

Diamond setters responsibility!”

My client just said to me this morning!

“Gerry, would you please pick & choose the PRETTIEST of stones that you are setting”. “They must be also ‘eye-popping’ and most ‘visually-rewarding’!

For every stone that is being seen, that setter knows exactly what he is doing. I’ve seen so “many setters just drop their stones into the metal, ask for payment & then they say…Good-bye!”

I plan & visualize just how every stone will look, long before I start the actual diamond setting process!

I know that many of my potential clients will decide, after seeing my ‘high quality of craftsmanship, if they should buy this item, or not!

This responsibility is always on my mind.

The next decision is what setting-tool, or bur should I use, when, where and why!

”And you think that my job is easy”! It’s just mind-boggling.

”This is ART, of the highest order!”

When I say that I must be “100%, totally relaxed“ before I start my setting, is an understatement!

“Being interrupted“ while stone-setting, is the setters worst enemy. Even writing this essay has taken me over 1.5 hours just to write, edit, delete, edit & write!

To add to this essay-writing, I’m on very heavy pain-killers and injections every day. If I have a “bad day“, many times I just won’t work! “ If I can’t proceed, I won‘t continue. This is called, “100% totally interrupted”.

Being a Diamond-Setter is a ‘gift’, but to me this is never, never a chore!

Michelangelo once said…”in every piece of marble, is a statue!” He also said, “I just whittle & hammer away the pieces of marble that don’t belong there!”

“This is the same with me, I just “file & pumice-clean” every unwanted piece of precious metal that have no need in being there!”. “More over…if I can’t, I won’t!“

Many thanks for reading this essay!

Gerry, on my iPhone

Sure does. photo the prettiest 3 sides in one pic.

Since I have all of the correct 3 stone colours & bur sizes. I’m going ahead very carefully!
How long will this take? As long as it’s takes, I’m in no hurry!

If I have some ”sides” worth ’using & keeping’, I’ll take pictures of them too!

I gotta be in an excellent frame of mind. Much is depending on what I’m now doing!
Gerry, on my iPhone