Diamond Riviere woes

Hello Everyone

I recently made a Diamond Riviere for a client of mine. For some unknown reason to me the the string flips inwards from close to the ends. I’ve tried everything I could think of, but it just wont resolve. Can someone help please??

pictures would help…


hmmm…sounds like perhaps the linkage positioning is not optimal…?..meaning that the outside diameter of the “strip” of diamonds is not “long enough”…ie: does not allow the outside edge of the strip to spread open enough to lay flat…maybe?

just a thought.


Thank you both for your input. Asd suggested by Seth, I’ll try and upload some images over the weekend. Thank you once again.

As Seth has put in picture would surely help in suggesting a solution,
please put the pictures as descriptive as possible.
Khushroo H.Kotwal