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Diamond drill bits?

Hello! I work with glass & do a lot of drilling. I use plated drill
bits but I’m looking for a source of diamond-impregnated bits. I’ve
heard that some jewellers use these and they last a long time. I need
something in the 1.8 mm to 2.0 mm range. Does anyone know where I
might get these? Thanks a lot! Peggy KilnArt Glass Studio

I’d suggest looking in the phone book for jewelry supplies, or going
with a big mail order house like Rio Grande (page 142 of their 2002
tool catalog, had it sitting open already…) I work with glass also,
doing lampworked beads and decorative items (marbles, paperweights,
sculpture), I’ve used the diamond core drills, they work GREAT, just
go slow and don’t press too hard. To keep cool place the glass object
in a pan full of water, place the glass on a block of wood or
something to bring it close to the surface and insure you don’t
drill into your water containers. Just make sure none of the
electrical parts of your drill get close to the water! If the
underside of your glass object you’re drilling is not perfectly flat
I’d use a polymer clay like Sculpy, or something like Jetset to back
it before you start drilling to prevent too much stress.

hope that helps

Hi Peggy, Try the triple ripple drill bits by Crystalite They have to be used wet and a drill press
of some sort is a good idea to prevent “wobbling”. A lapidary store
should carry them or be able to get them for you if you don’t want to
order from the website. They make 1.8 and 2.1 mm sizes as well as
.75, 1.1 and 1.4 mm. Regards, Karen

Peggy, Alpha Supply of Bremerton and Seattle Washington sell both
plated drills, and sintered diamond tools which have diamond
throughout the tip. Try 1-800-257-4211 or I believe they have a web
site now.


The website for Alpha Supply is I have
found their prices to be higher than Gesswein, Rio, and Frei & Borel
on average.

Mike DeBurgh
M D Designs

Attn Peggy

We have diamond coated twist drills these are on 3/32" shanks that
can be used in a normal or a quick release Hand piece. The cost of
these drill is $6.50 each. At present we have 1.50mm in stock We
will have larger sizes in the future.

Kenneth Singh